Event Restorative Approaches

Restorative Approaches - Being Restorative

Please note that this training is free to staff from Norfolk County Council Children's Services.  This training is being offered at the introductory cost of £50 for staff from statutory agencies, private, independent and profit making organisations and a charge of £40 for staff from voluntary sector organisations that are members of the NSCB Safer Programme.

Restorative approaches seek to build and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships and equip people with the skills to resolve conflicts and address challenging behaviour.

Target staff:

This one day training is suitable for everyone who wants to develop non-confrontational, compassionate communication skills, strengthen their relationship based practice and learn new responses to challenging behaviour and conflict. For example those working with children, young people and/or their parents/carers in any setting, including but not limited to all staff working in schools, foster carers, social care staff, youth workers, volunteers and their managers.

Children’s Services staff: We would recommend completing this course prior to Signs of Safety training to provide the foundations for understanding the ethos of SofS to be able to work WITH families in an honest, straightforward and respectful way.

 Maximum number of attendees: 16


  • To strengthen relationship based practice
  • To encourage participants to think about their communication, responses to challenging behaviour and conflict and how to rebuild damaged or broken relationships


 Learning outcomes:

By the end of the day participants will be able to:

  • Develop means to work with people, rather than doing things to or for them
  • Articulate the key values, skills, principles and practices underpinning restorative practice
  • Adopt restorative communication into day-to-day practice to build, maintain and repair relationships
  • Understand how to adopt a non-blaming, impact focussed approach and the importance of doing so
  • Explore thoughts and feelings in order to get to underlying needs

This training is delivered by Restorative Justice Council accredited trainers.





Date Location Start Time    
04/03/2020 Dragonfly Hotel Kings Lynn 0930 Book
26/03/2020 Ayton House, Wymondham 0930 Book
28/04/2020 The Royal Assembly Rooms Great Yarmouth 0930 Book
13/05/2020 South Green Park 0930 Book
09/06/2020 The Woodside Centre, Norwich 0930 Book
02/07/2020 Dragonfly Hotel Kings Lynn 0930 Book
09/09/2020 Ayton House, Wymondham 0930 Book
15/10/2020 Great Yarmouth Race Course 0930 Book
03/11/2020 South Green Park 0930 Book
15/12/2020 The Woodside Centre, Norwich 0930 Book